English for all

اسم الموقع: English for all

عنوان الموقع: http://www.englishforallcenter.com/

وصف الموقع: We are a group of young experienced teachers, who have designed a system that will allow you to learn English in an easy and comfortable way. The system has been designed in such a way that will allow you to advance at your own pace, repeat a lesson as many times as it is necessary and also learn vocabulary without the need of translation. Having taught English for more than 12 years in The United States and abroad, Our teaching approach utilizes all the learning components that are needed to build strong vocabulary, grammar, as well as pronunciation. We at « ENGLISH FOR ALL CENTER » strive day after day to bring you the best possible products to help you with your learning process. We sincerely hope that the products designed by our team of designers, programmers and teachers help you learn English fast, easily and at your own pace. Join us and enjoy learning English .

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